Xbox Scorpio: Everything You Need To Know

- Dec 24, 2019-

The announcement of the Scorpio project is arguably the biggest deal at the 2016 E3 Xbox conference (which could have been bigger if it hadn't been fully leaked beforehand). Now that the dust has settled, and the messaging of Microsoft employees has remained consistent, our situation has become clearer. Do you have questions about the Scorpio plan? We have the answer. Anyway, at least we can get some answers from the current information.

When will the Scorpio project come out?

The official posted ambiguous dates in this year's E3 trailer, calling it "2017 Holiday", which is translated from Americans, meaning Christmas, probably October or November. Given that the date has a long way to go, it may change (though it is difficult to imagine that if they were planning to release the version, they would move it to the other end of the Christmas period).

Will the Scorpio project be as good as a gaming PC?

kind of. Obviously, it is hailed as the most powerful console with "most powerful and highest frame rate". These frame rates let me tell you. They will be yours. These guys have the best frame rate and we will make the game better again. and many more.

They have not released many technical specifications, but we know one of the most important ones. Computer performance is measured by "triggers". Project Scorpio has six teraflops, which are a lot of triggers, roughly equivalent to current high-end gaming PCs. But when it comes out, the PC will move on. They can be updated continuously and are much faster than the console. So when Project Scorpio launches at the end of 2017, it may be as powerful as a PC in mid-2016, which is still pretty good and is the expected standard for new gaming consoles.

Should I get a Project Scorpio console without a 4k TV?

In an interview with Eurogamer, Phil Spencer initially said no, you shouldn't. The Scorpio project is obviously specifically designed for 4k resolutions, so there are 6 teraflops (which is the capacity needed for proper 4k), and if you do n’t have that new bomb-like TV, then “we are, you will not see Here. "This is a bold statement that may have been pointed out when Phil later clarified his opinion. If you own a standard TV, you will notice that the gameplay is different because Scorpio is more powerful, but you will not get all the visual advantages designed by Project Scorpio. So in the end, only you can answer this question, which may depend on how much cash you have left. up to you.

How much does the Scorpio plan cost?

Not confirmed yet, but it could be a lot. Phil said in the same interview that it would be sold at a "premium," which is the universal abbreviation for "expensive." In contrast, the Xbox One was originally announced at $ 499, and Project Scorpio is reported to be about four times as powerful, so it's not surprising that the price is around $ 600. However, this price is part of the Scorpio program, which is aimed at consumers seeking a 4k gaming experience. It seems that Scorpio has become the highest quality version of the product, which is similar to how to buy a regular phone or a phone made of similar gold.

Will Scorpio Project VR

Xbox hasn't made any major promises on VR-certainly not Sony's promises anyway-but Bethesda's Todd Howard talks about Fallout 4 VR in a Project Scorpio trailer, and Phil talks about how Project Scorpio is built to support VR. Does this mean that we don't know a dedicated peripheral system like PlayStation VR, but there must be some kind of VR feature on the Scorpio box. Let's not forget that HoloLens has also been quietly putting some effort into augmented reality for some time.

Is the Scorpio project forward and backward compatible?

Correct. For the Xbox, this is a big deal. It can obviously play Xbox One games. It is said that if MS continues to use the software, it will be very confusing. Every game you buy for Xbox One will be playable when you upgrade to the Scorpio game box, and future games will be playable on all consoles. Phil also suggests that developers also have the option to publish updates to existing games, and if you run them on Project Scorpio, you can increase the update to 4k.

All of these may be associated with the Play Anywhere plan, so the MS games you purchase will be playable on different MS platforms you own. However, for now, you may not have to trade assets in panic.

Is the Scorpio project the next generation console?

Maybe? but not. A bit. Obviously, from Xbox One to Scorpio is eager to try, but Phil's ongoing "Beyond Generation" and all things related to backward and forward compatibility-because you can play all the games on all different consoles, different boxes There is no such definition between, you must get Project Scorpio to get all the latest games. This is a big happy Xbox family (but one cousin and cousin shamelessly calls himself the "master race" in front of others).

What about the Xbox One S?

Yes. The Xbox One S is smaller (this is good because the full-size XB1 is too big, which is a flag and a currency that makes it impossible to leave the living room and become the new principality), and has no external power brick, is cheap, and Supports 4k playback from streaming sites such as Blu-ray and Netflix. It does not support 4k games. That's what Project Scorpio is for, but the Xbox One S means you can get a brand-new latest console bundled with a 4k Blu-ray player at a fairly affordable price.