Wireless Controller For Switch Lite

- Nov 08, 2019-

1.Product Introduction

Double-sided texture, all-inclusive; smart wireless, connected by Bluetooth pairing; built-in polymer battery, enhanced receiver; 5S ergonomics; exclusive mode conversion / button burst / vibration function / handle reset shortcut; with motor Vibration, connection channel indicator function; smart chip, handle mode power-off memory; both esports performance and hard quality, two colors are available.

2.Product Parameter (specification)

Product Size


Package Size


3.Product Feature and Application

*yellow / blue and green colors are optional.

*Connect by Bluetooth pairing.

*Function buttons: A button, B button, X button, Y button, + button, - button, L button, R button, ZL button, ZR button, HOME button, cross button. The cross key function can be switched to: left 3D joystick function and right 3D joystick function.

*with motor vibration, connection channel indicator function.

*the product looks beautiful, small size, excellent grip.

4. Product Details


*. The overall relative is relatively small


*The side can be seen that the workmanship of this handle is very meticulous. The skin-friendly material used first ensures the texture of the handle, and the overall grip of the handle is very tight, and the gap is not very obvious.


*Plus, you can vibrate and play the game. In fact, the immersive experience is stronger.