Wired Controller For Nintendo Switch Lite

- Nov 06, 2019-

.Product Introduction

Switch cross-key simple wired controller: it is a small-size and simple-wired controller designed according to the game mode of Switch one-handed controllers. Cross keys can be switched into three function modes through key combination (mode 1: Default cross-key function; mode 2: left 3D joystick function; mode 3: right 3D joystick function), which are applicable to different game demands. The motor vibration can enhance the motion sensing in the game; there are four connecting channel indicators; with small size, beautiful appearance, excellent sense of grip, this product should be a necessary thing for gamers.


2.Product Parameter (specification)



Single package size: 










3.Product Feature and Application

* Compatible with SWITCH/ PC /Switch Lite mode

* Cable length:1.8M provide good gaming experience

* 4 LED indicating lights

* High quality cross key button

* Equiped with basic function and single motor vibration

* Super low cost comparing with Joycon or its clone products in market

* Unique customized color


4.Product Details


controller for switch lite console

1 Support wired connection mode of Switch.

2 The controller supports the upgrade of USB2.0 wired system.

3 Function keys: key A, key B, key X, key Y, key +, key -, key L, key R, key ZI, key ZR, key HOME and cross key. The cross key can be switched into left 3D joystick function and right 3D joystick function.

4 The function of motor vibration and connecting channel indicators are provided.

5 The production is of beautiful appearance, small size and excellent sense of grip.

6 Working voltage of the controller: 5VDC

nintendo switch lite controller


Instructions for Use:

1 Start up the Switch game console, click the “SETUP”, “Controller and Inductor”, and select the “Wired Connection of Pro Controller” Set to "on”.

2 After the controller is connected to the USB interface in the Switch HDMI video base, press key A to enter, and in the meanwhile, the connecting channel indicator is on for normal work.

3 The key function shall be default after the controller is connected successfully.

① Default setup function keys: Key A, key B, key X, key Y, key +, key -, key L, key R, key ZI, key ZR, key HOME and cross key.

②Switch setup of cross key functions:

● “Key -” + “key ZL”: left 3D joystick function.

● “Key-” + “key ZR”: right 3D joystick function.

● “Key-” + “key +”: return to the default key-setting function.

Note: 4 channel indicators shall flash twice after the function is successfully switched.