Winning Post 9 2020 Launches March 12, 2020 In Japan

- Dec 06, 2019-

Koei Tecmo announced that Winning Post 9 2020 will be available for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC in Japan on March 12, 2020 for a price of 8,580 yen. Pre-orders will begin on December 9.

Early purchases of the game will include the "Original Super Horse Call Option Pack", which includes four familiar Super Horses (outside the United States, Cross Ring, Dark Legends, and Neko Koneko Logirl) that will be available in future scenarios of the game.


The latest issue of "Family Famitsu" shows that Koei Tecmo announced the Win 9 Post 2020 title for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC. It will launch in Japan in March 2020.

Updated elements in the new version include:

  • The revival of marriage and offspring inheritance.

  • Improved bonding commands (can be executed from the horse racing screen, you can choose what you want from several utilities, etc.).

  • A system that satisfies a new connection no longer needs any randomness (you can either establish a connection in the event or use the bond command to satisfy the new connection).

  • You can build a club.

  • Implementation of future plans starting in 2021.

  • Ability to transfer saved data from Winning Post 9.

  • If you save the data in Winning Post 8 on your system, you get special rewards.

  • Noel Himeka was appointed secretary.