Why Oral Irrigator Meets Your Need

- Nov 12, 2019-

If you still don't have a compelling reason to accept a water flosser, you can take a look below at our  recommendations.

  • Best for families

In a family, people will be using the same electric water flosser, you' ll want to change tips for different family members, and, find a place to store them all neatly. So, a water jet flosser with a good range of power settings will ensure that each family member can use it comfortably, our dental flosser YXY-880 perfectly satifies everyone's need with 550ml water tank and 2000mAh battery capacity, you just need to buy some tips for other family member, don't worry, it is very cheap.

The Water flosser YXY-880, a desk type version of the model reviewed above, meets this critera.  It's 7.4 power settings mean it should be suitable for whoever wants to use it.

  • Best for cleaning braces

It can be hard to clean teeth properly while wearing braces, but an oral irrigator makes the job a lot quicker and less fiddly. Although you can clean braces with any dental water flosser, you may get more effective cleaning with one that has a specially designed orthodontic tip, such as the one that comes with the water flosser models (cordless and countertop) described above.

  • Best for gum care

Again, the  flosser has a function to adjust the water pressure so that it can gently clean periodontal pockets and contribute to better gum health. However, you could use any model of flosser and direct the jet towards the gum line, provided it's not too strong.

  • Best for travelling

If you're looking for a compact water flosser that takes up minimal space while travelling, the YXY-860 is a good option. The floss has a retractable body design, saving space and easy to carrying.


  • Best for saving bathroom space

If you're short on space in the bathroom, consider the YXY-880 model that the pedestal can be put into the water tank while not in use, this can really save space. 

YXY -880