Why Is The Phone Now Unworthy Of Headphones?

- Feb 01, 2019-

The vast majority of Internet mobile phone brands are unworthy of headphones. For example, Millet, glory, a plus, hammers and other mobile phone brands mainly sold online do not have headphones attached.

The first mobile phone not to send headphones seems to be the start of the Internet mobile phone generation of Xiaomi mobile phones, and these mobile phones choose not to send the main reasons for the following two points:

First, cost savings Internet mobile phones are the main price/performance ratio, retail prices and costs are similar.

A lot of hot internet phone profits may also be one hundred or two hundred yuan, if you send you a pair of dozens of dollars of headphones, mobile phone manufacturers can make less money.

And like The Phantom Blue, red rice such a thousand yuan machine, sell to a profit may only be dozens of yuan, and then send headphones, the manufacturers will probably have to lose money. Now that the Internet phone competition is so fierce, one more headset in the box means an increase in the cost of dozens of of dollars.

So rather than spend this part of the money on the effect of the average headset, it is better to abandon directly, so that the overall price of mobile phones a little lower, improve the competitiveness of products. Some of the main offline market mobile phone brand profit is high, so will send a pair of headphones to the user. For example, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, vivo many models are to send headphones. And some models of headphones effect is good, take out alone to sell also get about one hundred or two hundred yuan.

But most of these brands of mobile phones have to be three thousand or four thousand or even eight thousand or nine thousand of thousands of prices, send you a pair of coming pieces of headphones it still has to earn.

Second, give the choice to the user Many users who like to listen to music may have one or more common headphones in their homes, and some high-end headphones may be more expensive than the phone itself. Coupled with some users like in-ear style, some users like earplugs, can be said to gaffe.

So a lot of times even if the phone sent headphones users will not use, white caused a waste of resources. And like Meizu in itself is to do MP3 started manufacturers, but also for different levels of users, the introduction of different prices of independent headphone products. For example, the acclaimed Meizu hd50,ep52 and so on. Meizu Mobile phone users can be based on the actual needs to purchase different headphone products.

Xiaomi, Huawei and other brands have also launched a variety of Bluetooth, noise-cancelling headphones co-user choice. So the phone to cancel the standard headset on the one hand to reduce the price of products, on the other hand also to provide users with more choices, can be called a win. For the average user, now the Internet shopping is so developed, a headset price is cheap also more than 10 yuan, it does not matter whether the phone is standard headphones.