Why Is Nintendo Going To Launch The Switch Lite Game Console?

- Aug 15, 2019-

  If the new product is released with a set of established procedures, then Nintendo is probably a textbook-style approach: no advance publicity, no warm-up in advance, a new game console Nintendo Switch Lite debut.



   In fact, Nintendo is not the first time to use Lite as a product suffix. As early as the Nintendo DS era, there was a product called Nintendo DS Lite, which focused on miniaturization and lightweight design.

   At the time, Nintendo officially said that Lite represents light and bright, and now Switch Lite re-enables this suffix, I believe it also follows these two meanings.

   Of course, if you just talk about the product itself, Switch Lite doesn't have many complicated changes. Strictly speaking, it is more like a feature-rich handheld switch.

   But when Switch sold for two years, the emergence of the Lite model also means that Nintendo is looking to the handheld market that it is better at.