What's The Difference Between PS3 And PS4?

- Feb 09, 2019-

PS4 is much higher than PS3 configuration

Memory PS3 only 256MB, video memory 256MB

PS4 memory is 8GB, and it is DDR5

GPU,PS3 is about the equivalent of 7800GT.

PS4 is probably HD7850

CPU is not good ratio, PS3 is cell mononuclear

PS4 uses a mobile device similar to the CPU multi-core but the frequency is low, anyway, is PS4 good

XBOX360 configuration is similar to PS3, but because it is better to develop the game, and memory graphics common 512MB, more flexible, so cross-platform game screen is generally XBOX360 than PS3 a little better

At present, this is the case, the field does not matter, but GTA5 only PS3 and XBOX360 have, even PS4 is not, PS4 is not compatible with PS3 game, so you want to buy PS4, now can not play GTA5, may give PS4 out later, but now there is no news The latest in the Xbox series is Xboxone, which is the same age as PS4, but the function configuration is lower than PS4, the memory is 4GB DDR3, the video card is probably equivalent to HD7700, and it is bundled with body sensing equipment, so it is 100 dollars more expensive than PS4