What's The Difference Between A Music Headset And A Game Headset?

- Feb 04, 2019-

1. Different emphasis on sound effects 

The reason for the special game headphones, in fact, or because the general music headphones can not meet the needs of gamers, and game headphones will be aimed at the needs of players, do more functional derivation.

For the electric competition players, especially in the face of shootout game games, often need to use "listening" to identify the enemy's position and number of people, and so on, so as to carry out a strategic attack, while the headset not only to be able to distinguish the game environment of various sound effects, voice calls on the sound quality requirements are also relatively high. and music headphones are mainly to hear the level of music, musical instruments, vocals, high and Low, the grand sound field, and game headphones do not need to let players hear all the special high-quality high-frequency, and even a lot of times to suppress the low frequency, so that players can listen to the signal of medium and high frequency.

Too many low frequency signals make it easy for players to feel coaxed at the same time without hearing the activities of other players.

2. "Faith" Lighting 

In addition, on some of the electric headphones, there is a deliberate increase in the lighting design, but not all the electric headphones support the lights, often concentrated in some of the game headphones in the high-end products.

Users can choose their own personality lamp effect, at the same time dazzling color and so on will change with the strength of the call volume, experience the real "running horse lamp" effect, feel a different gaming experience. Because the use of different requirements, so the game headphones and music headphones still have a lot of differences, will be based on their different use of the scene to do a targeted design, in the choice of nature can not be mixed, to choose according to their own needs of the headset suitable for their own.