​Waiting For The Protagonist, Dojokan

- Dec 13, 2019-



The owner of the newly-built Shinshindokan was a black horse that attracted much attention because of its extraordinary momentum. He worked hard, although he received the elite education from his mother Mei Rong, but he chose the rock attributes he longed for, knocked on the doors of other schools and continued to improve on his own path.


Good at using ice attributes Pokémon, is the only Taoist owner who has never lost to Qibana, known as the "Garel Pokémon League's strongest now", and is also a rock attribute trainer Magua Mother. Although he has a bold personality, he likes fierce fighting, and will really aim at the opponent's weakness to attack.


In addition to "Caidou" and "Onio", there will also be other Dadaoguan masters appearing in this work that differ according to the version. In "Pokémon Sword", Magua will be blocked in front of the protagonist, and in "Pokemon Shield", Mei Rong will face it.