Vitual Reality, Haptics And More Hardware Are Worth Of Wait In CES2020 Gaming Predictions.

- Jan 03, 2020-

The International consumer electronic show (CES)2020 will held in next week,  in this grand show, what kind of products will attract consumers attention. It is reported that CES 2020 is going to be filled with new technology with new and high tech to push forward the gaming world. Believing that there will be something to look forward to in the gaming industry, new PC components, and accessories and connect video games more immersive with augmented reality virtual reality and haptic technology. 

What new high-tech products are the big gaint company will announce in this international show.  Logear will launch some new gamer accessories for PCs, like mice Keyboards, headsets etc. Mijoy and riiteck, which offer products like gaming accessories for PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch and Android. 

The highlight of the CES, the consumer expect to experience the technology that further immerses players in video games like Cybershoes. You feel " walk and run " in a vitural reality game.  Cybershoes that immerse you more in your game will be on display at CES 2020.  Even more exciting,  you will feel zombie bites, gunshots and hugs in a VR scenaorios.

Above the physical experience, the senses of sound plays a vital important role in making a game more immersive.  Flexoud will showing off  its Augmented Audio Tech , which blend sensation of touch ato sudio-visual listening experiences like music, games ,television, movie and more.  lets waiting for ceremony of CES and see what's new and high-tech products will be appearnce and attract consumers attention.