Monster Hide-and-Seek Landed In Switch This Summer

- Jun 26, 2019-

Asymmetric competitive games that adults and children can enjoy together. One game supports four players, one plays ghosts and the other three plays human beings.1

Developer Free Style Games today released two TV advertisements for the Switch asymmetric competitive game "Monster Hide and Seek".

"Monster Hide-and-Seek" is based on the rules of "hide-and-seek". One game supports four players, one plays ghost and the other three plays human. The ghost side needs to catch all humans in three minutes and imprison them, which is the victory of the game; the human side needs to run and hide in three minutes to avoid being caught by the ghost. The game supports global players online.2

The most important feature of this book is that "adults and children can enjoy the game together", even if they are not good at such asymmetric games with horror elements as "Dawn Kill" and "Friday the 13th", they can also play confidently and happily in this book.


"Monster Hide and Seek" is expected to land on Switch platform this summer.