The Xbox Series X Is Coming Soon, Followed By DOBE Accessories

- Aug 21, 2020-

A few months ago, At the Game Awards 2019, Microsoft officially unveiled the look, performance and core features of its next-generation console,it claims to be the fastest and most powerful Xbox console of all time, the Xbox Series X!


The appearance design of Xbox Series X adopts the black rectangular shape,the top has a central hollow for cooling and ventilation, and although the overall shape of the Xbox Series X looks more like a computer console.However, in the design of the game console, its style tends to be more modern and simplified.


Microsoft's Xbox Series is one of the best-selling game consoles in the market. The new Xbox Series X is not only powerful,compatibility and responsiveness set a new benchmark, so what makes Xbox Series X better?What are some of the features worth looking forward to?

[Xbox Series X-- the perfect combination of powerful performance and galloping speed]

According to its website, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful console to date.

The Xbox Series X is powered by a custom AMD processor with 12 Teraflops single-precision floating-point calculations,GDDR6 memory and NVMe solid-state drive, bringing twice the Xbox One X to gamers,Eight times the performance of the original Xbox One, and the console supports vertical and horizontal placement.


From a technical perspective, the use of new technologies drives the overall performance of console games.Xbox Series X with the help of innovative features such as DirectX hardware accelerated ray tracing, Variable rate coloring technology (VRS), and ultra-low latency input,take the graphics, feel, and experience of console games to a new level, providing players with a dynamic, magical, and engaging game world,continue to meet players' growing gaming needs.


The so-called "good horse with good saddle", a performance of such a powerful game console, how can there be no good accessories to accompany it?

Here, we have to mention a brand --DOBE, as the world's leading brand of high-end game console accessories,over the past 20 years, we have been constantly innovating, exploring and advancing in order to provide more convenient, faster and more comfortable game equipment for players.

Let players experience the more extreme game world, enjoy the endless fun brought by the game.

This time, with the update of Xbox, DOBE will develop a Series of accessories related to Xbox Series X independently.

It includes: handle charging base series, main engine cooling equipment series, multi-function cooling base series, CD storage series, etc.

DOBE is dedicated to putting the player at the heart of the game experience, making it more immersive and full of surprises.This time, let DOBE take you to the ultimate game experience.