The WHO Encouraging Everyone To Play Video Games During COVID-19 Pandemic Period

- Apr 18, 2020-


The World Health Organization is encouraging people to play video games during these times.


Global Games Industry Encourages Players to Follow Health and Safety Guidelines for COVID-19; Provides Information and Social Connection.

the global and far-reaching games industry agreed to disseminate key messages from the World Health Organization to help slow the spread of COVID-19. To promote these messages, 18 game industry leaders in the interactive entertainment space have launched #PlayApartTogether, an initiative that encourages their vast network of users to follow the WHO’s health guidelines—including physical distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and other powerful preventive actions people can take to fight COVID-19.

By bringing special events, exclusives, activities, rewards and inspiration to some of the most popular games in the world, #PlayApartTogether encourages users to adopt best practices for the sake of their own health and that of their families and communities. By incorporating COVID-19 self-protection messages into games, the industry is telling the world: “Wherever you are, whatever game you play, you can make a difference.”


The U.S. Ambassador to WHO tweeted his support, asking people to help continue social distancing efforts by picking up a game and helping save lives.

He used the hashtag PlayApartTogether as part of WHO's growing movement to unite people around the world while also keeping their distance.