This Water Flow Won't Hurt Our Teeth

- Nov 21, 2019-

Yesterday we talked about the cleaning effect that the water flosser can bring to our teeth.

Then many customers will worry that whether the impact of water flow will do harm to our teeth, the answer is absolutely not--if using it correctly!


From the specifications above you can see that the water pressure is varying from 30-110 PSI, which will

not harm the teeth, gums, or even massage the teeth.

What's sweet is that this water flosser contains four modes, especially the DIY mode, which can be well adapted to different people's needs.


Normal mode: The water flow is more impactful. If you're prone to food clogs in your teeth easily, try it to get rid of food residue quickly. 

Soft mode: its water flow is relatively light and fine, which is very suitable for novices, the elderly, children, pregnant women, and people with particularly sensitive gums.

Pulse mode: alternating high and low water pressure, it can not only be strong and clean, but also gentle massage. It is very suitable for people with fetid breath, and people who always smoking and drinking.

DIY mode: If the three modes above can not satify your needs,then you can try this mode to find the best suitble pressure to clean you teeth and bring you a healthy oral environment of teeth.