The Role Of Game Headphones

- Feb 06, 2019-

In the use of headphones, we found that the use of the game will be a large part of the demand, especially the need to use a pure headset when the music and games are in use to get a better listening effect.

If the function is too much, the wise man does not do it. Game headphones relative to the music headset, more attention to the sound field and positioning sense (such as shooting, shootout games need to be positioned), while the amount and intensity of low frequency is aggravated, and thus to meet the user's experience of the game sound effects.

and music headphones in essence, more attention to sound quality, the right range of the effect of super good, pure sound quality, sound and penetrating.

In general, most of the headphones can be used as game headphones, as long as the direction can not feel the problem, but the good music headset as far as possible not as a game headset to use, excessive pursuit of good sound quality will affect the true direction of sound judgment.