The Hot Game Ring Fit Advanture

- Nov 21, 2019-

Ever since the game "Ring Fit Advanture" released,people around us are talking about it."Ring Fit Advanture was released on 18th October by Nintendo official.The catagory is practical,training and sports,which means when you search sports game on the platform,you can easily find it.

Ring Fitness circle

Below is a feedback from one of the player.

"I do not do any sports but I like to play video games.

So why not combine both, so I ordered the Ring Fit Adventure.

You have to install the game shortly, or update and then you go already.

The game takes you step by step through the setup of the leg loop and the ring with the two Joy-Con.

Once this is done, you can choose directly in the main menu, whether you want to get started with the adventure or just minigames, or would like to do normal training.

Before each training, or game is briefly explained how it works. You can click through everything quickly and do not have too much Gelaber before, which is somehow annoying, or stops.

Main feature is of course the Adventure. If you start with it, a few little questions about the state of training or the desired training will be asked.

!! For all who live in a flat and are afraid, you could make noise - there is a silent-fashion !!

Instead of running on the spot you do squats. Works very well.

Then the introduction starts and you start to save the world.

The ring responds very directly. I have not had any dropouts or moments when something bothered me with the feel.

I'm curious how the long-term motivation is and how long the material will hold at regular load.

From the short impression that I had so far, I'm really excited and actually looking forward to a little more exercise :)"