The Function Of Voltage Drop When Two Controllers Charging At The Same Time

- Mar 28, 2019-

Little Tips:

The maximum charging capacity of a single battery holder can reach 300mA.        If two battery packs charges at the same time, the charging current will be lower because of the function of voltage drop of the charging wire.  

So the instruction shows that the total current feels smaller when two controllers charge at the same time. 

Normal Functions:

1,Compatible with Xbox One (S) / X  controller

2,Led indicator with controller figure light incicates the charging status of your controller,the light is red when controller is charging,it turns green when fully charged.

3,Battery capacity:600mAh

4,Packing Included:1* dual charging dock  2*rechargable battery(600mAh) 

The brand indicating light can change when do OEM