The Difference Between A Game Headset And A Music Headset

- Feb 03, 2019-

Headphones, consumer-grade areas can be roughly divided into music headphones and game headphones two categories.

What's the difference between these two categories? Let's talk about it today.

1. Appearance gap Game headphones in order to meet the special needs of gamers, in the appearance of the general use of large headband, bulky earmuffs, with long enough and thick cables, modeling to break through your imagination.

Game headphones, game elements to add natural, the most common breathing lamp design, at present can only be found on the game headphones, perhaps this is their logo bar! Music headphones give the most direct impression, is its exquisite small, after all, music lovers with standing tools, to maintain a small shape is conducive to reducing the burden of travel.

The material aspect of the headset has a greater choice, such as the alloy can bring a beautiful fashion, rich texture experience, directly from the appearance can be seen the quality of the headset.

2. Microphone

Another important feature of game headphones that distinguish them from music headphones is that they also come with a microphone device, after all, group combat is a regular thing, with wheat to take control of the overall situation.

The most authentic music headphones, often will not set the microphone, there is a microphone to a certain extent will cause a drop in sound quality.

3. Essential Features

Game headphones: Focus on rendering

Game headset as a headset in the game field derivative products, it must be to achieve a certain special function at the expense of part of the sound quality, is no longer suitable for listening to music (especially high-frequency music), the author put the overall characteristics of the game headset down to two words: rendering.

In terms of expansion, the game headset must render the sound three-dimensional sense, making it easy for the player to judge the direction of the enemy, in addition to the game music sound effects have been enhanced processing, such as explosion sound, flame sound, etc., in order to get a more shocking and exciting sound effect.

High-end gaming headphones also feature a built-in standalone sound card with a USB interface that simulates 5.1 channels or 7.1 channels, which is more professional for gaming and is very common on high-end gaming headphones.

Music headphones: Focus on restore

Music headphones have excellent performance in music, and the headset itself is the most relevant to the ability to restore, which is the value of music headphones, it does not have to sacrifice anything, it only understands music, not games.

Given our own use of sound sources, sound cards and wire power loss and other aspects, we always can not hear the most primitive sound quality, and music headphones in the restoration of more perfect sound quality on the road to go further, headphone manufacturers still have to work hard ah.

Summarize Headphones are a fad, and the game headset does have merit out of the range of sound quality, but it just seems to focus on the appearance of the wind and some narrow technical points, not suitable for listening to music. In short, the gap between the game headset and the music headset is still very big, depending on how consumers choose, after reading, netizens should have a few in mind.