The Concept Of Movement While Playing The Game Has Not Changed.

- Oct 14, 2019-

Time returned to 13 years ago, that is, in 2006, Nintendo launched the somatosensory game console Wii with the development code of “Revolution”. Wiimote, the controller that comes with the mainframe, and the game Wii Sports, let everyone feel the fun of exercising at home. I believe everyone still remembers playing tennis and baseball at home!

However, to be honest, "Wii Sports" and the real sports are still some distance, which is also quite tired of boxing games, there are some fitness effects. But this did not prevent the Wii from becoming the most popular game console at the time, and Wii Sports was also the best-selling game of the year. In the previous article, "PS4 became a member of the "100 million game consoles," and it was pointed out that the Wii, with a sales volume of 10,166.3 million, has become the best home game console ever sold by Nintendo.


It is said that "Wii Sports" and real fitness are still some distance, and the real trend of the somatosensory game is "Wii Fit". In 2007, "Wii Fit" was launched, which comes with a balance board that allows players to stand on the side. The game is divided into four categories: balance game, muscle exercise, aerobics and yoga. At this time, it is a little sporty. The game sold 22.27 million in 2012, becoming the third un-bundled console game for the Wii.

The success of Wii Sports and Wii Fit has made Nintendo never give up the category of somatosensory games. In recent years, there has been news of "Nintendo Switch Fit", and now the final release of the "Ring-Con" and the somatosensory game "RingFit Adventure"!

"Nintendo officially announced the new perimeter of Switch" has introduced the specific gameplay of "Ring-Con" and the somatosensory game "Fitness Ring Adventure". It can be seen that Nintendo's somatosensory design has evolved again. The balance board has become the sensor ring in the fitness ring and thigh in the hand, and more game elements have been added to make everyone more entertaining and play games. The body also exercised during the process.