The Biggest Development Direction Of Game Industry From CES 2020

- Jan 17, 2020-

People are employ irony in gaming of CES 2020.  Majority claiming that consoles are in the state of dormant, gaming belongs to cloud computing, but some hottest news about Sony showing  the new PlayStaion 5 logo and comfirming that they will launch PS5 by the end of the year. 

What else other news?  there are several compaines in gaming industry are commited to producing the design of the Nintendo Switch, expecially repliacte its central screen and detachable controller.  It is said that xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro phone sorta-kinda( $600) belongs to the category owing to liquid cooling and a clip-on  controller accessory. 

Razer are delicated to turn your mobile phone into A Swicth Controller like Junglecat. Unsatisfactory news is Junglecat that works with Android phones. It has limitations on a few models. 

This situation could change with Razer's new Kishi, this phone will luanch by the end of March and works on both IOS and Android. The controller consists of left and right Xbox-layout controllers with the central section in order to install your phone. For satisfy different variety of customers, the size and design of the products can clamping over the top and bottom edges and also can link via USB-C or Lighting. In general, Its a fashionable and flexible and elobrated design and the price is expected to 100 pound or 170 USD dollars.


                The Razer Kishi. 

Intel spent most promoting its super portable Project Athena laptops, which appealling to majority exhibitors even so they are lovely, but not for gaming. Intel's 10nm++ process Tiger lake-generation enjoys great popularity in gamers thanks to Intel's pushed its current graphics engine. Intel officially DG1 is fast and still comming.


                                                                     Athena laptops