The Best Nintendo Switch Shooter Games

- Dec 31, 2019-

Nintendo has never been particularly famous for supporting shooters on its system, especially first-person shooters, but in fact, the sheer number of great shooters you can play on Switch now is amazing. Some of these ports are ports of existing shooting games and are now available on handheld devices for the first time, while others have been developed specifically for the Nintendo Switch. Whether you want a competitive hero shooting game or a classic arcade shooting game, you can find it here. These are the best Nintendo Switch shooting games, broken down by category.

When Doom restarted in 2016, Id Software and Bethesda surprised almost everyone, which not only made the series' worthy name, but also far better than we thought. The smooth movements and brutal Glory Kills system are impressive on PC, Xbox One and PS4, but the Nintendo Switch port also enables lethality to play perfectly on handheld devices. Although the resolution is lower and the texture is a bit muddy, Doom is still a dream on Switch, and its sequel, Doom Eternal, will also appear on the platform. Now it can even get motion control through updates.