Switch Controller For Nintendo Switch

- Oct 18, 2019-

1.Product Introduction

As a manufacturer of game peripheral products, we recommend that users who play games regularly buy this product. This will be a very good accessory.

2.Product Parameter (specification)





3.Product Feature and Application

 *After plugging into the Switch game console, the handle is automatically connected.

*With screen capture button, six-axis gyroscope gravity induction, dual motor vibration, power charging input interface, handle system upgrade and other functions.

*Use Type c interface design, support Switch game console while charging while playing games, can be charged with Switch original power adapter or standard 15V PD protocol power adapter.

* The product is easy to install, novel in appearance, beautiful in structure and excellent in grip.

4.  Product Details


* Appearance, whether it is the quality of the zipper or the hand strap, or the protection of the entire storage bag, we use the best materials, it can be said that the storage bag of other products is crushed.


* Mount the main unit on the handle grip, which will enhance your feel.


*When you don't need to use the main unit, you can put it on the handle grip and then use our storage bag to protect it well.


This is a very good product, it is in line with the needs of players, if you like, please contact us! We will customize it for you.