Switch And Switch Lite Contrast

- Aug 16, 2019-

Since switch lite positioning is a pure handheld, then let me talk about its portability.


List a set of data, you can intuitively feel it



  102×239×13.9mm weight 398g

  Switch lite

  91.1×208×13.9mm weight 275g


  83.5x182x18.6mm weight 260g


It can be seen that the volume weight of the switch lite is closer to psv than the original switch.

It is more convenient to take out the door, especially its weight, and psv is almost the same.

The old version of the switch is soft for 5 minutes, and the new version of Switch lite is fixed with a lazy bracket, and then you can play the switch with the "bed in bed" position. This is the highest enjoyment.