Super Strong Arcade Fighting Stick For PS4 Nintendo Switch XBOX ONE

- May 09, 2019-

We would like to introduce how to open the special function button,since it has many ways to do the connection regarding different console.

 Composite Function Operation

1.Long press the L3+HOME for 2 seconds to switch to joystick(lift right) and D-PAD function

① Press L3+HOME button,blue connector light flash once, means current mode is D-PAD mode

② Press L3+HOME button,blue connector light flash twice,means current mode is left joystick mode

Press L3+HOME button,blue connector light flash thrice,means current mode is right joystick mode.( Original set up is left joystick mode by default )

2. Long press the R3+HOME button for touch press function. Or press the PS4 controller’s touch pad directly for touch press function.

3. TURBO Button Function:

① TURBO Button Function:Make the ○,□,△,X,R1,R2,L1,L2,L3,R3 buttons  implement  “quick shoot” function

② TURBO Button Function Way:Press and holdbutton,press the button you want for “quick shoot” function

③ TURBO Button Function Cancel Way:Press and hold  button,press the button you want cancel it’s “quick shoot” function

④ +OPTION button to adjust the TURBO speed mode(Fast,Faster,Super Fast)

7 in 1 Arcade Fighting Stick

When you meet some problem 

1.Make sure your PS3/PS4/Xbox360/Xbox ONE(S) controller is original or Original authorized controller when connecting with PS3/PS4/Xbox360/XboxONE(S) console or it may cause disconnecting between joystick and console 
2.When connected with xbox one s/one x,please do not turn on the xbox one s/one x controller until the joystick and console connected

Fighting Stick for PS4

3.Make sure the micro USB cable connected between Arcade Fight Stick and the controller has data transfer function (Package included )