Super Mario Manufacturing 2

- Aug 05, 2019-

After the first generation of small test knives, "Super Mario Manufacture 2" brought a big surprise. It not only includes a level creation pattern that is extremely rich in available elements, but also a new story mode and a mature online community.


More importantly, it combines the fun of many people into both the play and the creation. Let "all people come together to create happiness" can be fully realized, which is unmatched by other games....

Story mode: the best way to get started with novices

The story mode of Super Mario Maker 2 is not complicated. It is based on the reconstruction of the peach princess's castle, and then gives the player more than 100 levels to accumulate the cost of the reconstruction.

Of course, the flow of the story mode is not static. In the process, there will be accidents in which the Kinobio foreman is missing, or the special task provided by the reset dog. These special tasks can get clothing accessories, including peaches after customs clearance. The content of the task released by the princess is very important for the collection of the party.

As for the story level, its difficulty ranges from 1-5 stars, and it includes the level styles of Super Horse, Super Horse 3, Super Horse World, Super Horse 3D World and New Super Horse U 5 generations of games. Can keep players fresh and fresh.

Of course, it is not difficult to clear the level, and those who are challenged can also carry out the collection of all gold coins. The difficulty of this challenge is relatively large. If you ignore the gold coin collection, the time is about 6 hours. Left and right, and the full collection, the achievement of all achievements is far more than this time.

In general, the existence of the story mode is very guiding. It allows some new "designers" to fully understand the use of each building module, especially when the level is too late, you can open the bottom left corner. "Parts" option, add some beneficial things to the current scene, such as taking a brick to build a platform, or let yourself transform, etc., the purpose is obviously to let players know the feeling of creating patterns in advance

Creative mode: more elements, higher degrees of freedom

This creation mode is different from the original one. It has a lot of optional components. In addition, the scene styles of the five works mentioned above can be selected, which greatly enhances the degree of freedom, and allows players to achieve more. The idea comes.

For example, the levels that are seen in the story mode are all reproduced by the player and can be adjusted according to their needs. In addition, in addition to some new components of Super Ma U, some sound effects components and visual effects components can also be set to trigger in the level, such as cheers, fireworks, flash ball effects and so on

Another point to mention is that after selecting the lava scene, the height of the magma can be adjusted. The height of the undulation can be raised according to your own ideas, and then the speed of the automatic reel, the kind of "crazy escape" Levels can be easily implemented.