Super Mario Maker 2

- Jul 01, 2019-

"Super Mario Maker 2" is now available for sale. As a game-based game, players can create and upload their own levels. However, according to Reddit users, the current Super Mario Maker 2 only supports players to upload up to 32 homemade levels, and there is currently no means to increase this limit.


Product Features:

World Mario fans are united! Now you can play in the Super Mario 2 game, create and share the horizontal scrolling Super Mario course you've always dreamed of, available only on the Nintendo Switch system! Learn more about the single-player story mode and play the built-in lessons of rebuilding the Princess Peach Castle. Make your own lessons individually or together. Use Nintendo Switch Online members* to share your classes, get near-endless offers from others, enjoy online multiplayer games and more!


Prior to the release of the Super Mario manufacturer on the Wii U in 2015, the Mario level was a privilege for Nintendo designers. Today, perhaps the initial charm of placing your own question mark bricks has disappeared, but Super Mario Manufacturer 2 has done a lot of expansion and improvement experience.

Super Mario's 2 looks, plays and functions similar to its predecessor, which is still one of the most interesting creative games ever released. Complex elements, such as the enemy A.I. and setting the start and end points of the level, can be done for you, allowing you to focus on the interesting part: the building blocks that set the level. The menu is usually the same as the first game, and the core building block returns. These tools, such as seeing Mario's trail in the creation mode to identify the correct jump distance, are back, which is great. Major updates to the sequel are mostly supplements, not radical changes.

The 3D World template is the only new visual style you can use, and it seamlessly interfaces with other templates (Super Mario Bros., 3, World and NSMBU). You can switch old templates without having to change the design of the level, but changing to 3D World or changing from 3D World will reset everything. The inability to easily exchange templates is disappointing, but the new tools unique to 3D World deserve technical limitations. The Koopa Troopa Car is generally a new Mario player that locks the player into a very fast autorun. It is used to create high speed (and incredible entertainment) platform challenges.


Create more Mario with extended tools and templates, and play more Mario created by Nintendo in full-text mode


Mario looks great in all his interpretations, and the user interface (an important element of the game in the creative type) is clean and easy to read.


The Mario theme from every age of the plumber's career sounds great. The sound effects associated with the building level are particularly fascinating


Mario's platform is exactly the same as his normal adventure, which is great. I missed the Wii U stylus for authoring, but the touch screen and cursor-based controls are smooth


Building your own Mario level is not as exciting as it was on the Wii U in 2015, but the story mode is fun and the new tools bring some novel experiences.