Stylus Set For Nintendo Switch

- Dec 04, 2019-

1.Product Introduction

The stylus introduced this time does not have much theme elements. It is mainly silver. The set includes 6 additional Switch black rocker silicone caps, which are high silicone cap, middle silicone cap, and short silicone cap.

2.Product Parameter (specification)

Product size


package size:


3.Product Feature and Application

* The set includes a stylus pen, 6 black rocker silicone caps (high, medium and short)

* Feels soft and smooth on the screen. Prevent scratches on the screen.

* The stylus used by high-end professional users is designed for its super sensitivity and higher precision levels.

* Sturdy and lightweight aluminum body. Easy to carry and durable.

* The stylus is used for the touch screen and is almost compatible with your touch screen tablet and other capacitive touch screen devices

* Brand new design, made of high-grade copper material, non-aluminum alloy material, convenient and comfortable touch, strong and durable.

* Humanized design brings you more accurate pen writing / drawing / touch experience.

4.  Product Details


* Compatible with most capacitive touch screen devices, including iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, Kindle, Android phone, reader and other touch screens.


* The tip is made of super conductive fiber material, which can provide ultra-accurate and responsive performance, including the ability to work at any screen angle with less pressure required for each movement!


* As an extra feature, the soft tip cleans the screen when using the stylus! No more streaks or fingerprints on the screen. Improve cleanliness, especially when you give Switch Lite to someone else for signature. Give them a capacitive stylus instead of using your fingers!


* You can get 1 stylus (silver) with 6 additional Switch joystick silicone caps.