SONY PS5 VS Microsoft Xbox Series X: Best Game Console For The Holiday Season 2020

- Sep 16, 2020-

The two major living-room console companies, SONY and Microsoft, will be fighting over your holiday shopping list, or at least the revenue that hasn't been set aside for Nintendo.

We are all looking forward to the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 and Xbox SeriesX.

We already know a lot about the PS5 and the new Xbox, and we've finally got a launch date: The Xbox SeriesX comes out in November, but we're still missing the biggest piece of information about both: price.

Neither of the new consoles were designed to be ridiculed, and interestingly, they were completely opposite.

The PS5 is mostly white and slim and curvy, while the Xbox Series X is a boxy black body.

Interestingly, SONY saved the console and its accessories for last, only to emphasize upcoming games.

In early May, Microsoft held its first Xbox 20/20 live event, highlighting upcoming third-party games.

In late July, Microsoft held a second live event that highlighted many of Xbox Studios' own games.

The latter features Halo Infinity, Racing Gallop, and other Xbox - specific games such as Tetris Effect: Connection Zone.

What we're seeing now, however, is that Halo Infinity has been pushed back to 2021.

The PS5's price is likely to be higher than expected due to ongoing trade disputes and a continuing shortage of mobile-driven memory and storage options, complicating console availability.

Moreover, it is conceivable that measures to prevent the novel Coronavirus from spreading could cause production delays, not to mention the devastation it would wreaking on the world economy, leaving tens of millions of people potentially unaffordable.

SONY, on the other hand, has raised its production target for the PS5, and Microsoft says it is confident its console will have an attractive price.

But the "Lockhart" model Microsoft is reporting is a low-power model for the Xbox Series X, dubbed Xbox Series S, which appears to be designed for 1080p and xCloud games and could eventually become an attractive price point.

The console wars may be particularly important.

This is not because 8K video or raytracing will be a must-have feature, but because the gaming landscape has become more complex and fragmented since the last generation of models.

In addition to competing with PCS, consoles now face challenges from new hardcod-free cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce now, as well as Microsoft's own beta project, xCloud, which is scheduled for release in September as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

To some extent, they will also compete with mobile game subscription services such as Apple Arcade.

PlayStation 5


Apart from the eye-catching design, the most novel seems to be the new two-sense controller.

SONY has replaced Rumble with more sensation-specific tactile feedback and adaptive triggers that provide a better gaming experience if developers are willing to embrace them.

It also comes with new speakers and microphones for chatting, as well as a USB-C interface.

The PS5 is also starting to use solid-state storage, which makes it more suitable for large game downloads.

While many of the upcoming titles overlap with Xbox games, it does have some exclusive titles, including Gran Turismo 7, Horizon: West's Forbidden Zone, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and a few new titles.

The gaming campaign also confirmed that SONY will offer a digital version of the console.

The PS5's downside is that its 825GB SSD is relatively small.

Its NVMe SSD expansion slot is standard, but because it needs to meet certain space, cooling and power requirements, SONY will need to validate it, and we won't know what you can use or how much it costs until some time after release.

Although the specifications vary widely, we still don't know how much of this translates into actual experience differences.

It's easy to say, for example, that the PS5's GRAPHICS processor isn't as good as the Xbox's because it has fewer computing units and less computing power.

But the two consoles have different hardware and software architectures, so you don't know how the components will affect their respective performance or visual quality.

Xbox Series X


The Xbox Series X looks like a bookshelf speaker rather than a DVD player style Xbox One Series.

Microsoft also talked about enhancements to the controller, primarily to reduce latency, rather than tweaking the feel and feedback as SONY did.

Another new feature from Microsoft is' Smart Delivery, 'which will eliminate the need to pay for games on the Xbox One if you've already paid for Xbox Series X games and will automatically provide the correct version of your Xbox console.

As for the game, we have a more complete list, including the upcoming release of time, and some famous games, such as the assassin creed: Valhalla, "the voice of the sea", "the Chorus", "cyberpunk" 2077 ", "dust 5", "halo infinite" : "the edge of hell II", "alien", "scarlet node", "up the battlefield", "the Yakuza: Like a Dragon".

One advantage of the Xbox Series X may be the Xbox Game Pass.

From day one, all new games will be available with the XGP, Microsoft said.

However balanced, they are a big leap from the previous models.

They are based on a roughly similar AMD Zen 2 architecture processor and AMD Radeon Navi graphics with 16GB of ram.

They all support ray tracing, decompression acceleration, novel dedicated SSD implementations, and more.

Combined with backward compatibility with older games (thanks to faster hardware and technology, such as Microsoft's HDR refactoring), all of this has resulted in a significant improvement in the visual quality of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, with faster frame rates and generally faster running times than before.

As always, however, games generate interest, especially those that are available at launch.

Price will also be key, not only for consoles, but also for games and accessories;

For example, the Seagate 1TB SSD storage plug-in USES a proprietary design that may make it more expensive than we want.

At the moment, most speculation is that the Xbox and PS5 will both cost around $500 - and they will probably be priced the same in order to compete with each other.