Simple Ways To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth At Home——Use Fruits And Vegetables

- Nov 30, 2019-

A diet high in candy and seasoner must be bad for both your body and your teeth.

on the contrary, a diet high in fruits and vegetables may be good for both your body and your teeth.↓

A diet high in fruits and vegetables may be good for both your body and your teeth.

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While they're no substitute for brushing your teeth, crunchy, raw fruits and vegetables can help rub plaque away as you chew.

In particular, strawberries and pineapple are two fruits that have been claimed to help whiten your teeth.

  • Strawberries

下载 (3).jpgWhitening your teeth with a strawberry and baking soda mixture is a natural remedy that has been made popular by celebrities.

Proponents of this method claim that the malic acid found in strawberries will remove discoloration on your teeth, while the baking soda will buff away stains.

However, this remedy has not been completely backed up by science.下载While strawberries may help exfoliate your teeth and make them appear whiter, they are unlikely to penetrate the stains on your teeth.

A recent study found that a strawberry and baking soda mixture produced very little color change in teeth, compared to commercial whitening products (NCBI PubMed Central).

If you decide to give this method a try, limit its use to a few times per week.

Despite studies showing that a strawberry and baking soda paste had a minimal effect on tooth enamel, excessive use could cause damage (NCBI PubMed CentralNCBI PubMed Central).

To use this remedy, smash up a fresh strawberry, combine it with baking soda and brush the mixture on your teeth.

  • Pineapple

Some claim that pineapple can whiten teeth.images (4)

A study found that a toothpaste containing bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, was significantly more effective at removing tooth stains than a standard toothpaste (NCBI PubMed Central).

However, there is no evidence that eating pineapples produces the same effect.

BOTTOM LINE:Certain fruits may have properties that help whiten teeth. Regularly consume raw fruits and vegetables to help rub off plaque and keep your teeth looking bright.