Ring Fit Adventure

- Oct 30, 2019-

This is a main fitness game. Players can load the Joy-Con on the NS into the game's own "Ring-Con" and leg straps to identify their movements and take risks while playing fitness. 60 kinds of fitness can be achieved in the game, and the records can be uploaded to compete with players around the world.

"Fitness Ring Adventure" needs to move to play. The game device includes a game body and a "Ring-

Con" and a "leg strap", the Joy-Con controller is inserted separately, the former and the thigh are tied to the latter to start the game, and the button does not need to be pressed in the game.

The “Ring-Con” is a resettable, ring-shaped controller that is operated with both hands. With a sophisticated "mechanical sensor" that senses the force of pushing and pulling. In addition, Joy-Con's “Motion Sensor” and “Gyro Sensor” allow “Ring-Con” to sense various actions.

The "leg strap" is another controller that uses Joy-Con's "motion sensor" and "gyro sensor". Attach the strap to the thigh of the left foot to sense the lower body movements such as stepping and knee bending.

The game supports Simplified Chinese and includes Chinese voice.

The game supports a variety of sports modes, in addition to the adventure mode with story content, you can also choose a small game or fast practice.

The fitness movements in the game are divided into three major categories: muscle-enhancing, rhythm, and yoga. There are a total of 60 movements.

The game adventure mode contains more than 20 worlds. If you play 30 minutes a day, you can get the game open for 3 months.

The game supports the alarm mode. After setting the time, the Joy-con's HOME button will illuminate and vibrate to remind you to exercise every day.1

Even if you don't turn it on, you can use the fitness ring to exercise while watching TV. The corresponding number of exercises will be recorded, and you will be rewarded in the adventure mode after booting.

The game supports daily sports records (sports duration, calories burned, etc.). In addition, depending on the mode, you can compete with your family in stand-alone mode, or you can rank online and online players or online friends.