《Ring Fit Adventure》

- Sep 18, 2019-

On September 12, Nintendo released a game called "Ring Fit Adventure" on the Switch platform. Based on available information, the game includes both RPG adventure games and pure fitness mode, plus a variety of hidden mini-games. However, even if you choose the adventure mode, players can achieve the dual effects of fitness and entertainment through a few months of story mode and hidden levels. The game will be officially released on October 18. The Japanese version is priced at 7,980 yen (about RMB 524) and supports Chinese.


It is worth mentioning that the game will also be accompanied by two accessories called "Ring-Con" and "Leg Strap". Players must install the Switch's handle "Joy-Con" on top of these two accessories to operate the game. The game software will provide feedback through the player's squeeze of the strength of the "Ring-Con" and the range of motion of the legs. "Ring-Con" is inspired by the Pilates Circle, also known as the Resistance Ring. It is a device for Pilates training invented by Pilates inventor Joseph Hubertus Pilates.

So, whether it's game positioning or operation, it's a complete fitness game.