PUBG Gets Its First Flying Vehicle

- Dec 21, 2019-

You can now ride on PUBG. From now until December 22 (7 am UK time), the electric glider can be tested in PUBG.

It has been added as part of the experimental part of PUBG, called PUBG Labs; developers are testing its viability in games.


The vehicle can accommodate two people and can only airborne when it reaches 70 km / h-passengers can shoot and use throwable weapons during flight. The aircraft's engine is a large rotor at the rear; this could be shot and destroyed by the enemy, meaning the pilot would have to bring the pair of gliders to a relatively safe level.

As you can see, it looks crazy and free! Electric gliders are a world-derived product of Erangel and Miramar. These two PUBG maps are available in the PUBG laboratory.

Developers are looking for feedback on new cars, so are not sure if they will add an auto coaster to the game; however, head to PUBG Labs to try it out.