PS5 Game Lineup Announced

- Sep 08, 2020-

In addition to the console configuration, the PS5 release also revealed a number of next generation game surprises, such as Dark Souls: Remake, Resident Evil 8, Horizon 2: Taboo West, Gran Turismo 7 and other blockbuster works, which we will share below.

Gran turismo 7

Yitsunori Yamauchi unveiled a new GRan Turismo 7, the game will be released on PS5, the official said that the new series will combine the advantages of the past series with the features of the new series in the future.

This confirmation supports the PS5 controller's tactile feedback function, allowing players to feel the tire rubbing against the ground.

There will also be support for 3D sound effects to give players a sense of where other competitors' vehicles are located.


Demonic Spirits: Remastered

Demon Spirits: A Remake has been released.

Can't wait to suffer again!

Judging from the promo, this will be a complete remake.


Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil returns with the eighth installment in the mainline series to create an unprecedented existential horror experience.

Tentatively scheduled for release in 2021, it will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC (Steam) platforms.


Marvel'S Spider-Man: Miles

Marvel Spider-Man: Miles is confirmed to debut on PS5 in the 2020 holiday season.


Horizon 2: Taboo West

The sequel to Horizon: Dawn, Horizon 2: Forbidden West, has been made public.

Continuing with Aloy's story, she travels west into the distant future of The United States, where she faces awe-inspiring machines and mysterious new threats.


Killer 3

The latest installment in the Killer series, Killer 3, has been officially announced and will be released in January 2021.


Ricky & Dang:Separation

There will be a number of different new features, including new features for the new controller.The constantly changing scene design reflects the disk reading advantage of SSD.At the end of the promo, Ricky's sex shift in the parallel universe is also quite shocking.


Ghost Line: Tokyo

During the PS5 online press conference, Mitsugi debuted his latest work, Ghost Line: Tokyo, which was confirmed for release in 2021.


NBA 2K21

A promo for NBA 2K21, the latest in the 2K basketball series, features Zayn Williams in the promo, which should be released in fall 2020.


The gods fall

A new trailer for Godfall, the action adventure game from Gearbox, which will be released in the holiday season in 2020, showcases a lot of battle scenes.



Space third person shooting game Returnal has been released. This is a third person shooting game that combines horizontal shooting and Rougelike elements.Corresponding adaptive trigger and 3D sound effects, log in PS5 exclusive.


Project Athia

The new Project "Project Athia" of SE is officially released. This Project will be sold on PS5 and PC platforms.The development team will fully exploit the potential of the PS5 hardware, and more will be shown in the future.


KENA: Bridge of spirit

Third-person action adventure game KENA: Bridge of Spirits has been released and players will join KENA in exploring mysterious stories of village destruction.


Death cycle

A new promo has been released for the latest release from the makers of Shame, Cycle of Death.Loop of Death is a first person action game.The two assassins kill each other, setting off a cycle of death.


The grey countries

Heart Machine released a promotional video for "Solar Ash," and SONY confirmed that the console version will be exclusively owned by the PlayStation (PS4/PS5).


The little devil in your heart

A trailer for the action-adventure RPG "Little Devil Inside" by Neostream has been released.


Strange World: Soul Storm

Strange World: Soul Storm, the latest in the series, has also released a new video.It contains a lot of action scenes and play parts.


Destruction AllStars

The Destruction AllStars multiplayer racing game will be available exclusively on PLAYSTATION network.



Capcom's latest work, Pragmata, is an action-adventure game with science fiction elements and is expected to be released in 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.


Sackcloth boy adventure

Sackboy A Big Adventure is back for the PlayStation today (June 12) at the PS5 game launch event. Sackboy A Big Adventure is A new 3D Adventure for the PlayStation.


Jett: Far away

Space adventure game JETT: The Far Shore was unveiled today (June 12) at The PS5 gaming launch, in which players explore new settlements in The universe and strive for The future of humanity.The game will be available in holiday 2020, exclusively for the PS4/PS5 console.


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