PS5 Brings Us Joy

- Sep 04, 2020-

When the PS5 shows up at this year's event, it's no good!

Do you think it will be praised by netizens?Will you hear the sound of wonder brought by high technology?What you think, what a mistake!Internet users don't seem to be paying much attention to its high performance and high-tech feel, but even so, it's still attracting a lot of attention and bringing us a lot of unexpected happiness!

Get a taste of the fun the PS5 brings

First, let's take a look at the PS5's original, classic black and white color scheme, vertical sandwich design, and streamlined profile.Then let's look at it more, or I'm sure you'll forget all about the original in a few minutes.


DOBE Fomis Electronics 
PS5 be spoiled by the manito


The enthusiasm of the netizens is not the high performance of THE PS5 itself, but also reflects their love for the PS5. Otherwise, they would not have played so many tricks, which is the joke of the video game industry to contract for a whole year.

Too Young Too Simple!It seems that after playing with the PS5 console, the netizens are still playing with the PS5 controller!But after looking at the images below, I just wanted to say, "Can we get more?"



Happily, have you thought about the PS5 coming out soon? Are your accessories ready?It doesn't matter if you're not ready. With DOBE there, it's not a problem.In the still hot September, the DOBE 100-person research and development team has created a series of PS5 accessories tailored for the PS5 console. The speed of light is ahead of the competition, so let me take a look.

The PS5 series accessories crafted by DOBE,I can't wait to meet you all.

Our upcoming PS5 accessories include: PS5 controller charging base series, PS5 host cooling base series, PS5 controller protection series, PS5 controller holder series, PS5 game DISC storage series, etc. Only you can't imagine, no DOBE can't do ~

At this time, I think many friends are concerned about one thing, that is, when our PS5 accessories will be available, don't worry!DOBE PS5 accessories will be launched simultaneously with THE PS5 console, ensuring that players can experience the ultimate game experience brought by THE PS5 and DOBE accessories at the first time!

More cost-effective game accessories,It is available on the official website of DOBE