PS4 Gaming Landed In September

- Sep 04, 2020-

World Rally Championship 9》——September 3rd


Spellbreak》——September 3rd

The Terminator: Resistance》——September 4thEuramerican was already online

Tony Hawk skateboard 1+2Heavy plate——September 4th


NBA 2K21》——September 4th

《NBA 2K21》——9月4日

Marvel  Avengers》——September 4th


Xeno: Respawn》——September 10th


Mino leah》——September 10th

Live Football 2021》——September 15th

《实况足球 2021》——9月15日

CrysisHeavy plate——September 18th


WWE 2K Arena》——September 18th

The Turtledove》——September 24th

Lotus Dystopia》——September 24th

Offer a blessing on the good World and a favor on the garment of desire》——September 24th

the Tennis World Tour 2》——September 24th

Two Brothers of the Four Seas: The Final Edition——September 24th

The Original God》——September 28th