Protective Case For Nintendo Switch Lite

- Nov 15, 2019-

1.Product Introduction

This protective case has a flip cover design, which is very convenient. It can be used directly when the cover is used. The cover lite can be well protected when the cover is not needed.

2.Product Parameter (specification)

Product Size


Package Size


3. Product Feature and Application

*the material is designed with PC+ leather, and the feel is very good.

*The protective case has a flip cover that allows the user to easily mount it on the back of the handheld. There are two oval protrusions on the left and right sides to cover the joystick.

*In the color matching, we provide players with three color combinations, yellow, blue-green, and gray. Players can choose according to their personal preferences.


4.  Product Details


*The design is very simple, the cover can be turned over, the position of the rocker is designed to be raised to prevent the handle from being pressed to the handle, and the overall design is also good.


*The material is designed with PC+ leather, the hand feel is very good, the design is very convenient and conscience, and the quality is of course the top.)

 TNS-19216带皮盖 顶视图 灰色

*The top cover part is reserved for the protrusions of the left and right rockers, which can alleviate everyone's concern about the drift of the Switch Joy-Con joystick.