Precautions For The Use And Placement Of Mobile Phone Accessories

- Feb 15, 2019-

1. Mobile phone battery In the charging process to pay attention to the output voltage of the power supply must be within the specified range, otherwise can not achieve the charging function.

2. When using the data cable should pay attention to the transfer connector must match, otherwise will not be able to achieve the corresponding use function. 3. The relevant mobile phone accessories must be placed in a dry environment.

Rainwater, moisture and a variety of liquids or moisture can corrode electronic components and devices. 4. In the purchase of mobile phone accessories is best to the manufacturer authorized stores (cabinets) to buy, so as to ensure the purchase of authentic quality original accessories, so that mobile phones can be safe and normal use. Because of casual selection, mobile phones may not reach the best state of use, serious even affect their normal use.

Second, it may cause damage to the phone or battery and shorten its service life. 5. Shop mobile phone film, in addition to looking at its material, but also to understand the wear resistance, transmittance and viscosity of the film.

Professional mobile phone film people say that the transmittance of the protective film is the most important factor. 6. Wear resistance: Mobile phone film is used to protect the screen, so the degree of wear itself must be high. Especially for some handwritten input of mobile phones, the wear resistance of the film is even more important.

Generally speaking, the higher the wear resistance of the mobile phone film, the higher the smoothness. 7. Transmittance: Poor transmittance of the mobile phone film will hurt the eyes, under normal circumstances, the phone screen itself illumination is already very low, affixed to a layer of film will increase the fatigue of the eyes.

The transmittance of high quality mobile phone film is around 95%, while the inferior is less than 80%. 8. Easy stickiness: High-quality film can ensure that the screen surface is clean under the premise of automatic paste and not easy to appear bubbles. More importantly, high-quality film more use of electrostatic paste method, no glue, can be repeated use or even washing. And the general inferior film on the back of the glue, absolutely can not be used repeatedly, not to mention washing.