Portal Knights hot news about free update and DLC

- Jun 21, 2019-

On June 2019, 505 Games, announced that Portal Knights will be receiving a new premium DLC and a free update. The DLC is being called the Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC and is anticipated to be released sometime this year with the Nintendo Switch having a later launch date.


The DLC will be introducing a new race called Elves which players will be able to customize with new skins for eyes, skin tones, hairstyles, hair colours, tattoos and facial features. A new class known as the Rogue is also being introduced to Portal Knights, complete with new talents and skills such as stealth and backstabbing and with its own crafting station full of fresh recipes for their weapons, armour, and skills. Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC also adds in a new planet called Faynore. The planet will host brand new islands, a Rogue’s Guild, an Elvish city, new merchants, NPCs, and a new epic quest storyline. A completely new, replayable time-based gameplay mode, known as Rifts will be included to challenge both new and veteran Portal Knights. Rifts are randomly generated passages filled with traps, puzzles, never-seen-before enemies, and rare and powerful treasures.

The free update is being called the Creative Mode Update , Including but not limited to plates, traps, buttons, interactive doors, lights, a connection tool.  Upgraded the new working capacity, which will include island testing, placeable enemies, and logic objects. Players will be able to test islands they build and now will be able to put enemies on the island ,etc.

New talents and skills, such as A price for the Elves and Rifts DLC is yet to be make sure.