- Dec 30, 2019-

Game news has definitely slowed down during the festival, but it seems Sony will still make headlines-even if it doesn't plan to do so. A new patent discovered through the World Intellectual Property Organization database demonstrates a PlayStation controller design we have never seen before. Now we don't know which platform the controller is bound to.

As you can see from the picture above, the pad doesn't look much different from the DualShock 4 we all know for the past few years. However, if you look at the side of the grip, you'll notice two new buttons. These inputs are reported to be mapped to other features, which means you can set the back button to "X" as needed. Interestingly, these buttons work the same as the buttons in the PS4 back button accessory recently released by Sony.

From our perspective, this could be one of two approaches.

Option A saw Sony offer the new DualShock 4 with these built-in buttons, while also selling Back Button Attachment for those who already own DualShock 4s and do n’t want to buy a new gamepad. Given that PlayStation 5 is coming, it seems too late to do so. But after all we get the "back button attachment", so Sony obviously doesn't care about the calendar. The fact that there seems to be a micro USB port on the top of the controller is no different from the current DualShock 4s, and this fact is supported.

Scene B is simple: This is the PlayStation 5 controller. What we are looking for is no different than DualShock 4-as expected-despite we having seen other patents for the PS5 controller in the past, Sony may continue to modify it until it reaches the design. You see here. In terms of value, this may still not be the final iteration.


Unfortunately, we have no more information for you at this time. When we are not sure, dubbing this PS5 controller is irresponsible, but this is exactly what we are looking for. Or it could be an upgraded DS4. We have to sit down and wait until Sony decides to show off some hardware before we can really be sure. When this happens, we will fill it out for you.