PlayStation CEO Said The Company Will Continue To Promote PS Now In The Future

- Jun 09, 2019-

Sony's cooperation with Microsoft is mainly to deal with the new rival Google Stadia.

With the development of streaming technology, the traditional game industry began to face unique challenges. Microsoft launched the Xbox Game Pass service, Google also launched the Stadia cloud game service, and Sony launched the PS Now service. In the future, these services will become An important factor in determining the company's way forward. Recently, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan spoke about the role of streaming technology and cloud games in the future of the industry in an interview with the Financial Times.


Jim Ryan said that in the future, other forms of entertainment may use streaming technology as a way to get content. The game industry is also very likely to follow this trend. They are very informative about PS Now service, and will be in this year and in the future. This service was vigorously promoted during the year.

In addition, Jim Ryan also talked about the plan of Sony and Microsoft to develop streaming service infrastructure some time ago. He said that he is cooperating with Google in response to the new rivals who have just entered the game field. There is no doubt that this new pair Jim Ryan said. The finger is the new cloud game platform Stadia released by Google.


In the face of this strong new rival, Jim Ryan believes that it is necessary to change the traditional development experience of the past 25 years, so Sony must remain open and brave to try some business that has not been involved in the past, and this cooperation with Microsoft officially PlayStation One of the new strategies for the future.