Picross Lord Of The Nazarick

- Jul 17, 2019-

Jupiter has announced the Overlord-themed Picross collaboration title Picross Lord of the Nazarick for Switch. It will be launched in Nintendo eShop in Japan on July 25 and will cost 1,000 yen.

Picross The of the Nazarick is a puzzle game where players solve Picross puzzles through various characters that appear in the Overlord series. Its story takes place in the tomb of Nazarik, and in the wake of the establishment of the dark state, Ainz Orguy and his subordinates review their achievements to date. By solving Picross puzzles, you will recall the memories of the characters and key projects surrounding the story.

The game has 519 questions in the standard Picross, Mega Picross, Clip Picross and Color Picross modes, as well as a gallery containing images of the resolved Picross and Color Picross issues, as well as other images unlocked by specific methods.

Here are some screenshots:


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