One More Day Of Hesitation Means One Less Day Of Possessing Healthy, Beautiful Teeth

- Nov 22, 2019-

The water flosser can be used for public and Dental orthodontics population.


  • Standard daily care/ Orthodontic special cleaning(as shown above)


  • Before use vs after use

After using it for a period of time, the small dirt in the teeth disappeared and the teeth became clean.

A standard set of floss is included: 

  • 1 Oral Irrigator

  • 2 Water Flossing tips

  • 1 USB Cable

  • 1 Giftbox

  • 1 User Manual

YXY -801

  • The operation is very simple, old men and children can use it as soon as he finishes learning.

YXY- 801

  1. Start working: (Be sure of fully charging the device before using for the first time) First press the On/Off Button, then press mode button to select working mode.

  2. Filling the Water Tank: Open the water inlet of the water tank, fill the water tank with water, close the inlet window, and press tightly( Notice: The water tank is detachable and can be disassembled for filling water. Do not start working during such operation.)

  3. Install/ Replace the jet tip: Insert the jet tip into the jet seat in the middle of the Oral Irrigator' s top head. To replace or remove the jet tip, press the jet tip lock/unlock Button.

  4. Select the working mode: You can press the mode button on the handle to select the appropriate cleaning mode for the first time usage. You can also choose the cleaning mode according to professional dentists' guidance.

After use, you can put it in your bag. You can take it with you wherever you go. After a meal, you can use it to flush so that the food particles in your teeth have nowhere to hide.

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Keep a clean oral environment at any time, avoid breeding bacteria, prevent the formation of dental plaque, dental calculus, etc.