Nintendo Switch Special Stylus Opens Pre-order

- Oct 05, 2019-

On October 4th, Nintendo officially released a new stylus for the Switch console.

NS,全名NINTENDO SWITCH,是任天堂游戏公司于2017年3月首发的旗舰产品,主机采用家 任天堂Switch专用触控笔开启预购!售价约59元人民币

Previously, Nintendo had a "Super Mario Maker 2" theme stylus when the player pre-ordered "Super Mario Maker 2". At that time, many merchants sold the game separately from the stylus.

Unlike the previously launched Super Mario Creator 2 stylus, this stylus does not have many themes, mainly black and gray, which fits well with the color of the Switch itself. At present, this Switch-specific stylus has been pre-ordered on the Nintendo Japan official website, priced at 880 yen (about 59 yuan), is expected to officially begin delivery on December 27, 2019.