Nintendo Switch Pro Is Expected To Adopt Tegra X1+ Processor

- Oct 19, 2019-

According to notebookcheck, NVIDIA will launch a new Shield TV game console this Christmas season, which will be equipped with a tegra x1+ chip. The new chip will provide up to 25% performance improvement and integrated artificial intelligence capabilities.

Nintendo's switch is equipped with a low-frequency version of tegra x1, and the rumored switch pro uses the tegra x1+ processor. In theory, Nintendo can plug tegra x1+ chips into switch lite, switch and so-called switch pro, with almost no problems in terms of compatibility.2d41aa83cb8c48a1a4af34835b8ebef3

According to foreign media reports, given that NVIDIA Shield will be released in the fourth quarter, Switch Pro is expected to be released in the first to second quarters of 2020. Due to the enhancement of the processor, there may be more AAA masterpieces on the Palm platform in the future.