Nintendo Switch Members Will Be Able To Play Maliou Tennis Aces For Free.

- Aug 02, 2019-

During the period from August 7th to 20th, eShop also has a 33% discount on the game.

Today, Nintendo announced on its official Twitter that it will open all of the Nintendo Switch network members for a limited time to open "Mario Tennis Aces" during the period from August 7th to 13th, when players can unlimitedly in "Holi." Play in the European Tennis Aces

At the same time, Nintendo also announced that it will launch a 33% discount on "Mario Tennis Aces" at the eShop store during the August 7-20 period. After experiencing the game during the limited time free period, if you want to continue playing "Mario Tennis" Aces, you can start this game with this wave of discounts.