Nintendo Switch Lite Flip Version

- Oct 09, 2019-

For some people, Switch Lite may be a cheaper, lower-profile Switch. Technically, this may be what other users want. Switch Lite sacrifices some less-used features, such as Joy-cons, and is more portable in size, longer battery life, and cheaper prices. . However, the simplified design of Switch Lite has also changed some of the design of this product, such as this clamshell version of Switch Lite.


Of course, Nintendo has a lot of game consoles, some of which have a clamshell design, just like a small box on the outside. Most of them are to protect the game console or to place the gamepad by the way. For the game experience, the player usually removes the cover of the sleeve. This design also takes into account situations such as multiplayer games or the console on the table. In this case, this design may be inconvenient.

Nintendo Switch Lite is not so complicated, adding a protective case can protect the screen. The design is also very simple, the lid can be flipped over, and Nintendo also designed a bump at the rocker position to prevent it from pressing onto the handle when it is over. The overall design is also good, similar to the matte design.