Nintendo Switch Exclusive Work

- Nov 19, 2019-


Nintendo Switch's exclusive masterpiece "Bao Ke Meng: Sword / Shield" was officially released on November 15th. Some physical players have not yet got the CD, and the PC can already run the game through the simulator, and it contains all The function. Recently, the developers of the NS simulator Yuzu said that the game is now ready to run on Yuzu, but there are still some bugs that make it impossible to play, so they continue to fix it. From the previous update progress, it may take a lot of days to improve.


Many of the exclusive games on the Nintendo Switch Console can be simulated on the PC using Yuzu, probably because NS has many similarities to the previous 3DS. And the previous "asynchronous GPU" update has greatly improved its simulation effect, such as "Mario Odyssey", "Mario 2", "Zelda Dream Island" and other games can now use it to smoothly simulate.