New World: Entering The Abyss

- Aug 26, 2019-

As early as 2013, Capcom announced the PS4 exclusive game "Deep Down", but since then, the game has nothing to do. Recently, Capcom has registered a new trademark in Europe called "New World: Entering the Abyss". It is suspected that the 13-year-old work "Deep Pit" has been renamed.


Previously, there was a rumor that the "deep pit" optimization was very poor and could not reach 30 frames, so the development of the game has been put on hold. However, producer Yukio Ono said in an interview last year that the game is still under development, and the concept of game creation has undergone a major change, and the scale of development has become larger than before.

At present, the official has not yet expressed the abandonment of the development of the game, then this "New World: Entering the Abyss" will be the 2013 "Deep Pit"?