NEW PS4/Switch Game Forager

- Jul 03, 2019-

Publisher Humble Bundle and developer HopFrog announced today that the Forager PS4 and Switch will be officially launched on July 30th.

"Forager" is an open world game. It was first launched in Steam in April this year. Its design is inspired by many exploration classes such as "Star Dew Grain", "Terraria" and "Zelda" series. , farm and construction games.


The game provides players with a variety of ways to play and become a collector to acquire resources, consumption and materials through foraging, fishing, mining, hunting, digging and planting; becoming a farmer, planting and cultivating each Vegetables, flowers, fruits, and other interesting and wonderful herbs; become a businessman, mass production or purchase materials, build an empire through trading and aggressive expansion; become an adventurer, upgrade your equipment and Go to 4 different Zelda retro labyrinths hidden in this world, face powerful BOSS, uncover puzzles, and find more than 30 mysterious treasure chests full of treasures and designs.